"In The Studio With Bruce Swedien"

Bruce Swedien Workshop Recording Mixing Engineering Production


Bruce Swedien Workshop Recording Mixing Engineering ProductionWe are currently only accepting up to 10 applicants to attend Bruce's "In The Studio with Bruce Swedien" Workshop to be held at Bruce's private studio in Central Florida. This Workshop class is designed for those professionally involved in the technical aspects, the performing, and the production of high-quality recorded music. Bruce will teach you a process of listening that involves analysis, serious thinking and thoughtful judgment. When it comes to recording and mixing music, you will see how Bruce Swedien has used these methods and process throughout his entire career! Together you will be able to explore all phases of world-class, state-of-the-art music recording right up to and including the final mix...

Fall classes will be forming soon, please check back.
Bruces classes are limited, and are available on a first come, first serve basis. CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!

Sample Workshop Schedule

Day 1-Acoustics Lecture (Art Noxon), Introduction
Day 2-Acoustics Lecture (Art Noxon) and Recording Techniques (Drums)
Day 3-Acoustics Lecture (Art Noxon) and Lecture (Guest Speaker) and Recording Techniques (Vocals, Guitars)
Day 4-Lecture (Guest Speaker) and Recording Techniques/Symphony Orchestra
Day 5-Mixing with Bruce Swedien and Microphones Lecture (Guest Speaker)
Day 6-Mixing with Bruce Swedien and Microphones Lecture (Guest Speaker)
Day 7-Mixing with Bruce Swedien and Microphones Lecture (Guest Speaker) followed by Dinner and Award Ceremony

*The schedule is subject to change at any time; the guest speakers and artists will be announced at the event....

Workshop Cost: $4,000 usd

Cost includes the following: 7 day workshop week with Bruce Swedien (please see schedule above).

Hotel Accommodations: Ocala Inn, room & board will be provided for you throughout the duration of the workshop.
(any special accommodations needed can be provided in advance; any additional fees may apply)

-For hotel website click here-

Transportation: Hotel to Studio and Workshop Locations Only. A rental car is recommended.

Gift Set: Workshop Mugs, Sponsors Gift Sets, Books, Workshop Curriculum and much more!

Food/Catering: Breakfast and Lunch are included with tuition, snacks and beverages will also be provided throughout the course hours.

Graduation: Each Student will receive a Completion Certificate signed by Bruce Swedien upon completion of the workshop!

Bruce Swedien Workshop Recording Mixing Engineering Production

We accept Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX.